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Autumn Amelia

Hi! I'm Autumn Amelia. I live with Eileen O'Finlan. She thinks she's my mom. Apparently, no one has told her that I'm a cat and she isn't. It's okay. I understand why she wants to be a cat. Who wouldn't? Anyway, I'll use this page to let you know all about my adventures, my friends, fun cat stuff, and, oh yeah, that book Mom (she likes it when I call her that) is writing. The one I'm in. She writes other books, too, but the one I'm in is the best. Smokey is in it, too. She'd write to you, but she's at the Rainbow Bridge. So it's just me. Believe me, I'm more than enough.

I'll bet you'd love see my kitten pictures. I was adorable. I still am, but as a kitten - oh my!

Looking out the window

Sleepy kitten

AA & Smokey on bed.jpg

Me with my big sister, Smokey