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About Eileen O'Finlan

I have been making up stories in my head for as long as I can remember, so it was only natural that I would fall in love with books. Little Women was my first love followed soon by the Nancy Drew series. At about the same time, I developed a love for history. My first fascination was with the Salem witch hysteria while I was in middle school. I read everything about it I could get my hands on. Eventually,  I decided to put my love for books and history together with my natural ability to concoct stories. I wrote a lot of practice pieces - short stories, a middle grade novel, a few plays - none of which were published. I started reading books on the craft of writing and joined the Worcester Writers Workshop. This is where I really learned to write. I wrote the first full draft of my first novel, Kelegeen, in that workshop. Many years later, after two massive rewrites, Kelegeen was finally ready. It was published by BWL Publishing, Inc. and released in 2018. The sequel, Erin's Children, was released in 2020.

I was born, raised, and live in Massachusetts. I am a New Englander to the core with a passion for this region's history. Along with my home state, I am especially fond of Vermont where both my parents were born and raised and  a great many of my enormous extended family live.

Besides books and history, I also love cats. I've had at least one cat since I was about six years old. I can't imagine life without one. They are beautiful, independent, self-assured creatures. The cats with whom I've been honored to share a home have all had intriguing personalities and captivating quirks. They are my little darlings.

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